GoPro will finally let you control your camera and edit videos in one app

GoPro is merging its GoPro app and Quik app into one, helping users finally declutter their phone screens. It’s about time.
Now called GoPro Quik or simply Quik, the new app places the functionality of both the GoPro and Quik apps in one convenient location. Users now only need a single app to control their GoPro camera, manage its content, and reframe 360 videos, as well as put together both manual and automatic edits of their clips. 
This means you can simply select which photos and videos you think are best, and Quik will edit them into a music-synced short clip ready for Instagram. Of course, you can also tweak and change whatever the app cooks up if you aren't fully satisfied. Read more... More about Gopro , Action Cameras , Tech , and Consumer Tech

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