Add flexibility to your workspace with a standing desk converter

TL;DR: The Ergomaker 32-inch adjustable standing desk converter can help you stop slouching at your desk all day. It's on sale as of March 17 for $134.99 — a 9% savings.
There’s no magical solution to make you love a job you hate . But there is a way to enjoy your time behind the desk a little more. It all comes down to flexibility — and one way to get that is with a standing desk converter.
Check out the Ergomaker standing desk converter , which boasts an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is on sale for a limited time.
The Ergomaker desk converter can fit a laptop and a monitor on its 32-inch top surface. Plus, with the built-in tablet or phone holder, you can even add another screen to your workspace if you need it. There’s also a tray underneath that’s about 26 inches wide and can be used for your keyboard, mouse, or other accessories.  Read more... More about Standing Desk , Work From Home , Mashable Shopping , Cool Gadgets , and Culture

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