Conspiracy theorists think Joe Biden used a green screen to fake a recent appearance. (He did not.)

Did President Joe Biden really speak with reporters on the South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday? Or was he digitally added with the use of a green screen?
The answer, of course, is that Joe Biden was actually physically on the South Lawn yesterday speaking to reporters. But online conspiracy theorists don’t believe that.
Misinformation spread all over social media —  from Reddit users to celebrities on Twitter — that President Biden actually used a green screen and was “CGI’d” into the video to appear as if he was outside the White House with reporters.
Why would Biden do this? Some conspiracy theorists believe he’s too sick to appear in public or that he’s already dead and a body double is being used. Others continue to think that Biden is not actually the president (see: the Trump inauguration conspiracies ) so, of course, he wouldn’t actually be at the White House. Read more... More about Joe Biden , Conspiracy Theories , Culture , Web Culture , and Politics

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