This body dryer is the modern luxury you never knew you needed

TL;DR: Ditch your bath towels for this Viatek Body Dryer , on sale for 16% off. As of March 9, get it for only $249.99. 
Towels are so 2020. In 2021, we’re shifting our focus to the more luxurious way to dry off: a body dryer.
Like a hair dryer , but for your entire body, the Viatek Body Dryer blasts your body with temperature-controlled air at 100mph. You stand on the platform like you would a scale and, in seconds, all excess water is dried from your body. Its gravity sensors trigger the airflow to begin as soon as you step on it, while the included remote control lets you play with the settings. You can adjust the wind speed and temperature to your liking, depending on what you’re using it for. Read more... More about Mashable Shopping , Dryer , Tech , and Consumer Tech

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