Naturalist reveals wild, harsh world of the fat bears

When Mike Fitz first arrived at the remote Brooks River in Katmai National Park and Preserve, home to the now internet-famous fat bears , he spied the telltale signs of a bear-dominated world. It was May 2007. The last of breaths of the Alaskan winter still chilled the air. Leaves hadn't yet budded. The land was tame. Yet on the cabins, where rangers lived and visitors stayed, he saw claw marks and munched wood. 
"It was one of those warning signs that you better pay attention, because they’re coming," said Fitz, who spent about a decade as a parker ranger in Katmai, and now follows the bears as a naturalist for , the organization that livestreams the bear cams . Read more... More about Bear Cam , Science , Climate Environment , and Animals

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