On TikTok, mental health creators are confused for therapists. That's a serious problem.

TikTok has a therapy problem. 
Creators who purport to reduce the stigma around mental health issues may be unintentionally spreading misinformation on the app, where people who post about mental health are easily confused with real professionals making similar content. 
In one video, a woman lists lesser-known symptoms of anxiety, including being susceptible to emotional outbursts, feeling restless, and being irritable. The woman makes direct eye contact with the camera and is framed so her face fills the screen, as if she's video chatting directly with the viewer. 

In another video , which was posted two months earlier, a different woman lists four traits of what she calls "high functioning anxiety," juxtaposing being outwardly "calm and put together" with "needing reassurance," and claiming that having a cheery demeanor stems from "lacking boundaries." Her video looks nearly identical to the first woman's, from the bright lighting to the framing to the eye contact with the camera.  Read more... More about Mental Health , Tiktok , Culture , and Web Culture

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