The ASUS ROG 5 is as beastly as gaming phones get, even if it's a bit much

It's been a little less than a year since ASUS let us toy around with the ROG 3 , a beefy gaming smartphone that left us impressed. Now, a mere eight months (and a skipped model number) later, ASUS is preparing to launch its successor, the ROG 5.
Yes, you read that right: ASUS skipped the number "4" for the next in its Republic of Gamers line of gaming phones. The official reason? Superstition . The word for "four" can sound similar to the word for "death" in certain Asian countries like China. Regardless, the ROG 5 is still impressive as hell, but the improvements, like a bigger screen and a newer processor, are more incremental than revolutionary. Read more... More about Gaming Smartphone , Asus Rog Phone , Tech , Consumer Tech , and Big Tech Companies

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