'WandaVision' creator Jac Schaeffer on grief, Fietro, and everything else that isn't Mephisto

There never, was nor will there be, a show like WandaVision .
The nine-episode live-action-superhero-sitcom-pastiche-now-also-with-witches closed out its first and possibly only season on March 5, but it will be a long time before its joy, frustration, and catharsis leave our minds. Mashable spoke with head writer and executive producer Jac Schaeffer about the challenges and rewards of WandaVision and the series' massive popularity.
"We knew that it would have what we perceived as the regular amount of fan engagement, like with any project — there was no way to anticipate this level," Schaeffer told Mashable in a Zoom interview. "It's directly tied to the year-long gap in Marvel content and the fact that everybody is house-bound. It exceeded all of our expectations, and I think we've all been pretty shocked by it." Read more... More about Marvel , Wandavision , Entertainment , Streaming Services , and Movies Tv Shows

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