We dreamed of the Before Times for a year. But how will COVID's scars haunt the After Times?

This time last year my hands had worn raw. Fingers crusted and dry, seams cracked from frequent spritzes of Dr. Bronner's hand sanitizer — the only bottle we could find — which needled sharp pains into my hands countless times per day. 
At that point, I was still (nervously) riding the subway and entering stores unmasked because experts told us not to mask-up . If I meticulously and regularly sanitized my hands, I believed at the time, then I was doing what I could to stop myself from getting the coronavirus. It literally hurt to make myself feel safe — how could I do this indefinitely? If you told me I'd be doing it a year, at minimum, I would've imagined my hands as tenderized meat. Read more... More about Coronavirus , Culture , and Health

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