A hybrid life or back to normal? People are split about their pandemic internet use.

When you ask people about their internet habits during a pandemic, you never know what you'll  discover. It might turn out that some employees pulling marathon days online report their mental health has actually improved. You could learn that parents still plan on arranging virtual playdates for their children once the pandemic is over. Or that people are split between seeing their work, social, and home lives return to a pre-pandemic normal and transforming their lives into a new hybrid of in-person and digital experiences. 
These were some of the insights Mashable gleaned from a survey designed to understand how people's lives went digital — from work to school to grocery shopping to exercise classes and entertainment — and how they felt about it. As the anniversary of the coronavirus global pandemic approached, Mashable conducted a nationally representative online survey of 1,276 adults in the U.S. between February 6 and March 1. Respondents answered dozens of questions about their online habits, mental health, and well-being. (For a full discussion of how pandemic internet use might be changing us, read this story Read more... More about Mental Health , Covid 19 , Social Good , and Health

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