Save over 50% on 2-for-1 unlimited talk and text phone plans with Tello

TL;DR: Get rid of your cell phone contract, and opt for Tello's prepaid plan instead. As of March 12, save 52% on two lines of Tello Unlimited Talk/Text and 2GB LTE Data (six-month plan), and pay only $79.99
Contrary to popular belief, staying on your parents' phone plan forever is not a right you're entitled to. If you've been kicked out of the group text or just want to assert some independence, there are options that won't break the bank.
With Tello's value prepaid six-month plan, you get all the perks of mom and dad's plan, but at an affordable price and a contract you won't be tied to forever. The best part? Two lines are included, so you can bring a friend (or sibling) along with you on your new journey of independence. Read more... More about Mashable Shopping , Prepaid Phone Plan , Tech , and Consumer Tech

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