The UK is considering making street harassment a crime

She just wanted to walk home. 
These are the words that have been uttered over and over in the wake of the suspected abduction and murder of Sarah Everard , a 33-year-old marketing executive who went missing while walking home in south London. In the hours following the news of her disappearance, women and people of marginalised genders shared the ways they modify their behaviour while in public spaces and how they exist in states of hypervigilance when walking home at night. 
This week, U.N. Women UK released new figures showing that 97 percent of young women have been sexually harassed, and over 70 percent of women of all ages have endured such behaviour. This followed data published by the World Health Organisation stating that one in three women — approximately 736 million — are subjected to physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. To women and people of marginalised genders, these figures aren't shocking or surprising— they're reflective of the reality of our lived experiences.  Read more... More about Harassment , Violence Against Women , Social Good , and Activism

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