22 best tweets of the week, including Tiny Hawk and Mr. Bean

Weeks! Days! Months! Friday? Friday! What is time anymore ? Beats me.
I mark the time by writing Best Tweets of the Week articles , so today must be Friday because guess what? It's time to recount the best tweets of the week. Why? Because my editor makes me.
So here they are, our 22 favorite tweets of this week. 

Googled Tony Hawk to see what everyone was talking about but accidentally typed Tiny Hawk.. pic.twitter.com/tHS3Ojylof
— Böb Jänke (@Bob_Janke) March 12, 2021

2. A good Oprah meme in a week chock full of them

2 hr movie 90 min movie pic.twitter.com/15z0SKprzb
— kelly MIEMIE DAY (@AMYAD4MS) March 11, 2021
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