20 modern luxuries you never knew you needed (until now)

If the recent flurries around air fryers , fancy exercise equipment, and next-gen video game consoles have taught us anything, it's that we're long past the "panic-buying Lysol wipes" phase of the pandemic. We're stocked up on all of our quarantine necessities — now, give us some nice-to-haves that'll keep us comfy and busy until we get the call for that Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson jab , puh-lease.
As if by fate, the latest stimulus check could be hitting your bank account as soon as this weekend — here's what you should splurge on if it's already burning a hole in your pocket: Read more...
1. This Bluetooth-enabled body dryer that can measure your weight, muscle mass, and other metrics while drying you off with a blast of toasty air. More about Robot Vacuums , Mashable Shopping , Cool Gadgets , Lifestyle , and Work Life

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