What is Dispo? David Dobrik's photo app recreates the disposable camera experience and aesthetic

Seems like every week there's some new app you just have to get. 
I mean who even are you if you're not on Clubhouse , at this point? (For the record, I am not a fan of Clubhouse .)
Dispo might is the latest app you'll soon hear that you have to be on. Here's the TL;DR: Dispo is a photo app from influencer David Dobrik that effectively mimics the disposable camera experience. But it's not exactly like other disposable camera apps out there. 
If you'd like a further breakdown, we've got it below. 
What does the Dispo app do?
The basic answer is you use Dispo to take pictures. But the experience basically copies old-school disposable cameras. You point-and-shoot through a distant viewfinder, which features a crude zoom and flash function. Here's a screenshot of the Dispo view of my building's backyard in Brooklyn.   Read more... More about David Dobrik , Culture , and Web Culture

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