Hash out your ideas before you solidify them with this reusable whiteboard notebook

TL;DR: Trade your paper notebook in for the eco friendly Wipebook , on sale for 11% off. As of March 14, get a two-pack for $52.95.
There's nothing like the satisfying feeling of writing on a whiteboard. But sometimes you want to keep your ideas to yourself, not plastered all over a conference room.
For those creative individuals who like to hash out their ideas on the page, Wipebook is here for you. It's essentially a cross between a whiteboard and a notebook. It can work with regular dry erase markers (you know, the kind that wipe off easily with a finger smudge) to doodle, plan, and more, or with the included Staedtler 305F-9 pen to keep notes a bit more secure. It only erases with the included special eraser.  Read more... More about Notebook , Notebook Syncs To Cloud , Mashable Shopping , Tech , and Consumer Tech

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