The 'super straight' campaign taking over TikTok is actually just ugly transphobic trolling

News flash: The "super straight" trend on social media, where users claim a "new sexuality" which demands the same respect as those with marginalized sexual identities, is actually just blatant transphobia mocking LGBTQ people and their activism.
Over the last two weeks, (mostly cis ) people on social media have started openly identifying as "super straight." The movement, born on TikTok and popularized on 4chan, is a troll campaign by far-right agitators to invalidate trans people's gender identities and justify blatant transphobia. 
The phrase "super straight" was recently coined by TikTok user Kyle Royce. In a now-deleted video posted on Feb. 21 and re-uploaded to YouTube , Royce claimed critics couldn't call him transphobic for refusing to date trans women — and refusing to acknowledge them as women — because he had decided that "super straight" is a new "sexuality" that should be respected. Read more... More about Lgbtq , Transphobia , Tiktok , Culture , and Web Culture

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