Owlet Monitor Duo comes with Dream Lab for free in time for Sleep Awareness Week

Save $99: Buy the Owlet Monitor Duo and get Dream Lab by Owlet — an online, personalized sleep solution for infants — for free.
There's no one "right way" to parent — ultimately it's up to you and what you think is best for your child. But there are plenty of tools to help you in your parenting journey.
Owlet is a brand that makes baby monitors that go beyond just audio or video. Its signature smart sock is sort of like a fitness tracker for your baby while they sleep. And in honor of Sleep Awareness Week, the Owlet Monitor Duo (which includes the smart sock and Owlet Cam, and retails for $399) comes with Dream Lab for free Dream Lab is a personalized sleep guide for babies, which includes videos, tutorials, twice-weekly seminars with sleep experts, and more. Read more... More about Parenting , Sleep , Baby , Mashable Shopping , and Tech

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